One of the most beaufitul ways to discover this heritage town, considered the prettiest in Colombia

Villa de Leyva

Discover the colonial Villa de Leyva on an unfinished horseback ride


An adventure through the eastern

plains of Colombia

Hidden Barichara

Contemplate the soectacular landscapes and tiny colonial villages in Barichara.


Why choose us?

The best nature – equestrian experience in Colombia

Through many years we have been designing and improving routes for long rides in the most  beautiful and safe áreas in our country

Every ride a unique piece

We care for detail and work hard to make every experience unforgettable.

Our Horses

Angloarabs and crosses of angloarabs and criollos, more than 30 years developing suitable horses for long rides in difficult terrains

Outstanding Experiences.


10 days,  9 nights,  5 days riding through the beautiful mountains and towns of Santander to finally arrive in Barichara considereded many times the most beautiful heritage town in Colombia.

Hidden Barichara

3 days riding, for people with little time wanting to ride in the beautiful Barichara surroundings with all the comfort available in this beautiful town.  Private flights from/to Bogotá available.


8 days, 7 nights,  5 days riding from the highlands near Bogotá, taking an old cattle road arriving to the burning plains of   Casanare full of wildlife.

El Sisga – Cucunubá – El Sisga

2 days riding, a perfect option for weekends.

Villa de Leyva

8 days,  7 nights,  5 days riding, this is a fast ride with mild climate and very comfortable lodging

Laguna de Suesca

1 day ride,  an introduction to long rides.