J.N., Cayucos, CA., U.S.A., Barichara ride, august 2022

“The ride was an absolutely fabulous adventure! I can’t wait to come back and do another ! The only suggestion I would make, after reviewing my pictures, is to slow the pace slightly on the days we arrived at hotels before 5 pm. While it was nice to have several hours before 7 pm dinner to relax, I think i would have preferred a slightly slower pace to take more pictures and arrive at the hotel an hour or so later, instead of earlier. I do understand that it takes several hours for the guides to take care of the horses AFTER we’ve arrived so i’m sure this is a factor as well.”

“Thank you! Such a wonderful life changing experience. I am very grateful to you, the horses and Colombia ❤️”

K.D., Glendale, U.S.A. – Casanare ride, december 2019

“Challenge Was extreme!! Great nature. Having the musical people was Special – Such Exclusiveness. Got to see a different area of Colomiba what I was never exposed to. Yopal was HOT!.. I’ve never experienced such heat where you sweat, just being outdoors standing there. The Hato was a great experience also. The people were nice and the place huge. I’ve never seen an operation that big before in my life. The other farm houses where ate and slept were good, you see the country life and really appreciate the hard work they do. I came back from Colombia and reflexed back the such hardworking caring people.”

“Great tour- Keep me posted of other exploratory ride.”

E.M. – N.Y., U.S.A. – Barichara ride, june, 2018

“I felt very well  prepared for the ride by the information provided before.”

 The trip was amazing! I had the best time! The horses were incredible, the route we took was beautiful and the pace of the ride was perfect. Julio was a great host and all of our guides were fantastic! Thank you!”

A.W. - Cleobury Mortiner, UNITED KINGDOM - Barichara ride, june 2017

“I’ve had great fun on the Barichara Ride.  There have been long days of riding, there has been plenty of sunshine and a bit of rain. I’ve seen beautiful towns, pretty architecture and bustling rural villages. We’ve ridden through coffee plantations and beside sugar cane fields, we’ve crossed rivers and climbed mountains. But what will stay with me is the hard-working, enthusiastic horses and the energy and friendliness of the people we’ve met along the way. This isn’t a luxury riding holiday where you are shielded from the reality of the country you are visiting; on this ride you get to see, smell, hear and experience the real Colombia along the way.”

M.D. Jackobstowe, UNITED KINGDOM – Barichara ride, october 2017

“The anglo-arab horses were fit and willing, there were amazing ascents and desecents everyday- huge valleys and fantastic scenery. Julio, our guide was outstanding.”

R.H., T.H., London, UNITED KINGDOM - Hidden Barichara, june, 2022

“All days very different and we enjoyed all of them in different ways. 2nd day was the most technically challenging which I like.

We really enjoyed the trip!”

T.H. London, UNITED KINGDOM - Villa de Leyva ride, december 2021

“The trip was excellent and Julio and team are very professional. Horses were the best I’ve ridden I think. One horse I rode twice had won a national endurance race -120 km- in 2016 and another came 4th. I would highly recommend it”

A.W., Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM - Barichara Ride, September 2019

“Exceptional riding holiday. Horses brilliant which is important and accommodation great. Would rather have spent more time in Barichara than Bogota at the end of the trail though! Definitely for fit, good riders though as I was struggling a little towards the end with sore knees. Otherwise thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Thank you again for all of you help and wonderful company this week. We have throughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely recommend the ride to anyone that will listen to me!”

G.P. – Toronto, CANADA - Casanare ride, march 2019

“I enjoyed the ride, and the company a lot.”

K.D. – Glendale, U.S.A. - Barichara ride, november, 2018

“The horses were fantastic, they got along with each other and the matching up of the horses with the riders were fine.  Training of the horses exceptional.  The leather reigns where smooth to the touch and supple, I noticed this the first time.  Good care of the tack.  Guides were great attentive, you gave a recommendation for me to turn my foot in the surups inward and it worked.  Thank you, upbeat and positive attitude and willing to think ahead for plan B, such as when it rained.”

“What an excellent experience.  I will come back for exploratory rides or if you offer the Casanane route.  Also the swimming pools at stops were great to strech your muscules.” 

M.S. - Stafford, UNITED KINGDOM – Barichara ride, june, 2018

“Colombia´s previous reputation is not deserved now and is a very friendly and non touristy destination.  This ride is very well organised with a lot of variable terrains and extras included.”

“ Everything done was to make sure I had a good time.  Julio is more than a guide, he is an excellent host determinbed that you have a good holiday”

S.A., Berlin, GERMANY - Barichara Ride, october 2022

“it was my first riding trail so I had no expectations. But now I fell in love with exploring a country on horseback, you did a great job! keep on working! I wish every horse lover an experience like the one I had with you and your horses”

K.D., Glendale, U.S.A. – Villa de Leyva ride, september 2021

“THis is a great ride, everyday different. Like the stay in the 400 house, as it was old and orginal, Took a hot shower by candle light. 1st night stay at lake was good start, Quite and slept well. 2nd night fine, 3rd night monestary fine The nights at Rapheal place nice also. It was nice meeting them, the whole expericence was so cool, Eating in their hotel was like we had a private party and the pizza really was great. Whole trip was well executed. Recommend as traffice heavy on the last day going into Bogata, Time it a little earlier to beat the traffic. It was odd it was a Friday afternoon byt here was traffic going into bogata. Great Trip.”

S.G, London, UNITED KINGDOM - Barichara ride, september 2019

“Beautiful country and lovely, willing horses. Colombia is a beautiful country and this is a great opportunity to see the ‘real’ countryside away from the tourist trail. The horses were lovely and clearly well loved and cared for. The riding was fun and fast but there are one or two days with a lot of roadwork and one day that was very strenuous for the horses. During the week I rode two horses and enjoyed both of them very much. The scenery really was incredible.”

J.F. - Seinäjoki, FINLAND - Casanare ride, march, 2019

“Thought it would be a little bit faster trail, now it was mainly walking and ocasional trotting.  Julio and staff extremely helpful and attentive.  Only positive things to say.  Horses also lovely and easy to ride.  Food was very good but almost always the same.  Eating at local´s homes was very interesting though, keep that!”

J.A. Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM - Barichara Ride, September 2019

“Hardcore riding with spectacular views. The riding was challenging, with some very long days in the saddle and some tough terrain. However, the horses were amazing, strong and resilient. Spare horses travel loose at times, which can lead to some issues but are essential for keeping them all fit.”

“Was prepared for bed and breakfast style accommodation, and pleasantly surprised with the actual rooms! Barichara in particular a massive highlight. “

P.C. - Saumur, FRANCE - Casanare ride, september, 2018

“Really good experience with great memories (With the locals and the team).  Thank you very much!”  

G.P. – Toronto, CANADA - Barichara ride, february 2018

“I had an outstanding ride.  Everything was perfect”