A Caballo por Colombia

Every ride is a unique experience, a product of our knowledge of the areas where we operate. Our purpose is to promote and serve authentic people, offering the deepest cultural equestrian nature experience to our travelers. We create authentic adventures,      not shows

About A Caballo por Colombia

Unforgettable horseback vacations along the historic trails once traversed by Conquistadores, settlers, and patriots during Colombia’s fight for independence.

These ancient pathways, known as ‘caminos reales’ (royal roads), were painstakingly constructed with cobblestones by indigenous laborers and mules. They lead to iconic architectural gems like VILLA DE LEYVA in Boyacá Province and BARICHARA in Santander Province, offering a glimpse into Colombia’s Spanish colonial legacy.

Venturing along these routes unveils not only the breathtaking landscapes of the Colombian Andes but also the warm hospitality of its people and the timeless charm of quaint villages adorned with stone churches, adobe dwellings, and clay roof tiles.

Our journeys allow guests to have an incredible view of a deep Colombia; they are designed for adventure riders seeking an authentic experience that impacts their lives, not for tourists looking for a show to brag about with their friends.


A CABALLO POR COLOMBIA (ACPC) is an Equestrian Tourism project catering to high-level adventure riders worldwide, dedicated to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. This document outlines our actions, procedures, and policies aimed at achieving this goal.


We collaborate with partners committed to sustainable community and environmental development. From local homes providing traditional lunches during our rides to non-riding activity providers, we prioritize working with individuals and businesses dedicated to sustainable practices. Our partners offer a diverse range of experiences, including interactive shows, workshops, historical talks, eco tours, and outdoor adventures, all aimed at promoting sustainability and cultural preservation.


We prioritize the well-being of our animals, ensuring they receive proper care throughout their lives. When our horses reach old age, we provide them with a comfortable retirement within our care, avoiding the common practice of selling them with uncertain futures. Additionally, we rescue and adopt dogs from local shelters, providing them with loving homes.


We actively promote waste reduction initiatives, encouraging partners to minimize the use of single-use plastics. Riders are supplied with reusable water bottles, refilled from large containers of purified water to reduce plastic waste. During our travels, we collect horse manure to maintain cleanliness in communities and demonstrate respect for local environments. Furthermore, we engage in community programs like ‘La Vereda más limpia,’ encouraging rural children to participate in better solid waste management practices.


Inspired by our journeys through the Tao territory in Santander, we initiated a reforestation project near Oiba, planting 40,000 trees of the Eucalyptus Grandis species on previously deforested land. This initiative has not only restored biodiversity but also provided employment opportunities in the area. Through this project, we have offset 6,066 tons of CO2 emissions, making our overall activities carbon negative.


Our sustainability policy encompasses several key declarations and commitments: a) Compliance with all relevant regulations, particularly those outlined in the current Tourism Law Act (Ley 2068 de 2020) and its Sustainable Tourism Policy. b) Prevention of illegal trafficking of flora and fauna species, as well as cultural property, and the reporting of any violations. c) Prevention of trade and sexual exploitation of minors, with strict adherence to reporting procedures. d) Continuous improvement of sustainability practices, overseen by our Sustainability Committee. e) Social development in the regions where we operate, prioritizing fair remuneration and equal opportunities for all employees. f) Adherence to all current legislation, ensuring ethical practices in all aspects of our operations.

We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of sustainability, verifying the legality and suitability of all individuals and


Our rides cater to adventure enthusiasts seeking an authentic immersion into Colombian culture and landscapes, eschewing staged experiences for genuine connections with the heart and soul of Colombia.

Ensuring a genuine adventure experience while effectively managing inherent risks is one of our foremost priorities, encompassing the physical safety of participants, food reliability, and biosecurity measures. To mitigate potential risks, our approach includes continuous guide training and thorough safety instructions provided to participants prior to rides. Key aspects of our security protocols include:

Physical Safety:

  • Route Review: We conduct thorough assessments of routes several days before each ride to ensure optimal security conditions in the areas to be visited and the state of roads.
  • Communication: We maintain constant communication with support vehicles, assistance companies, and authorities through two-way radios and satellite trackers.

Food Safety:

  • Partner Selection: We collaborate with partners who prioritize hygiene in their processes and use high-quality raw materials. Our team conducts pre-checks to verify compliance with these standards at all dining locations during activities.


  • Compliance with Protocols: We adhere to biosafety protocols established by international standards and national government regulations to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Protective Measures: Our practices include the use of personal protective equipment such as masks, adherence to social distancing guidelines, frequent hand washing, and the provision of disinfectants and antibacterial gel.
  • Training and Verification: We provide training for support staff on biosecurity measures and verify partners’ adherence to protocols and good practices.

Through these comprehensive measures, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of our participants while preserving the authenticity of their adventure experiences.

Our team


With over three decades of active involvement in multi-day horseback excursions, spanning more than 3,500 kilometers across various regions of the country (well-documented).

Additionally, we bring forth near ywo decades of experience in meticulously organizing Endurance competitions and rides across the diverse terrains of the colombian departments of Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Casanare, Santander, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío.



Director of A Caballo por Colombia and Tour Leader (English – Spanish). Riding at 3 y.o., Polo Player for 10 years 1.983 – 1.993,  Endurance rider from 2.002.to 2019.   Participating in several days rides in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile for more than 25 years. Organizing several days rides and Endurance races in Colombia since 2.006

María Lucía

Guide (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish). Riding at 3 y.o.  Competitive Endurance rider since 2.005; Young Riders National Champion in the 120 km category – 2016´s Colombian Endurance Championship. Participating in several days rides in Colombia and Argentina since 2004


Driver – Logistics – First Aid (Spanish)


Groom – Trainer (Spanish)


Driver – Logistics – First Aid (Spanish)


Logistics – First Aid (Spanish)