Our horses are the result of a careful selection for more than 30 years and they all have some Colombian Creole in their blood, even the Anglo-Arabs used in endurance races.

Our horses are the result of a careful selection for more than 30 years, and all of them have some Colombian Criollo in their blood, even the angloarabs used in 80 and 120 km endurance rides, and of course angloarabs crossings with Colombian Criollos for intermediate riders, which makes them particularly suitable for several days, long distance rides.

Horses of our breed have on their left forearm the mark of the heart, that has been used in cattle and horses in family haciendas for more than 150 years,

90% of our horses descend from Paka, Icaro and Salalah el Dakar (above).

Paka  (63% Thoroughbred –  37% Criollo) was a wonderful endurance mare,  daughter of Pluma (25% Thoroughbred – 75% criollo) an outstanding polo mare,  and Many Names, a beautiful Jumping  chilean Thoroughbred.  Paka won many competitions in the colombian endurance calendar between 2.003 and 2.005 when she got lamed in one foreleg´s joint and was dedicated to breed, she died in 2019 at the age of 22.  We have 8 sons and daughters of Paka and 21 of our current horses have some of her blood.

Icaro (50% Thoroughbred – 50% Shagya) was the son of K.S. Tradition, an oustanding Shagya bred in the U.S.  and Demigold a Thoroughbred also bred in the US by Eduardo Gaviria, both  imported to Colombia by him, a very well known colombian breeder who had a horse breeding farm in Ocala, Florida, he was the breeder of Real Quiet, winner of two of the three races of the american triple Crown in 1.998.   Icaro is registered in the Venezuelan Association of Arabian Horse Breeders under the number SHA 080.  He was tamed in 2012, did some endurance rides,   was a stallion until 2014  when he was castrated and we had to put him down shortly after that because a mare kicked him and broke one of his front legs .

Salalah El Dakar (Sally) was a very nice and gentle pure arabian, bred in California,  Imported to Colombia in 2.006, she competed in endurance and did many rides with us, unfortunately died in 2019 at the age of 18 (she had an abortion in 2017 and never recovered).      Sally Is registered in the American Arabian Horse Breeders Asociation under the number 0606222 and in the Colombian Association of Arabian Horses Breeders under the number CSB 302-07.

We do not buy nor sell horses anymore, we breed, and horses die with us.  When you breed you know what you have.