Frequently asked questions

We invite you to read this section where you’ll surely find answers to questions that have arisen. If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer your questions..

1. What´s special in our rides?

In an equestrian tour, you have the opportunity to be in full contact with nature and pure air. On horseback you reach, in a wonderful way, the true heart of a country, accessing remote locations, finding tradition and true lifestyle of the countryside.

The connection between horse and rider, encloses a magical combination of pleasures and sensations.

2.What level of experience is needed?

Experience is desirable prior to perform the routes offered, but the essentials are a positive attitude and receptivity to the instructions of the guides.

3. Physical condition

Having a good state of health in general and sufficient physical and mental strength, are enough to successfully complete our rides.

4. Grade of difficulty

Our routes are considered difficult, ideal for experienced riders (strong intermediate and above) with good and demanding horses, suitable for several long journeys. Journeys vary between 4 to 9 hours on horseback.

Participants in any adventure activity as horseback riding, are active people and consequently candidates to suffer accidents. Hospitals will not be quickly available during part of the rides and rescues or evacuations may not be immediate.

5. Dates, climate and temperature

Departure dates are scheduled throughout the year. Colombia by being in the tropics does not have seasons. Climate varies depending on the altitude above sea level (Cold above the 2,000 meters above sea level -m.a.s.l-, tempered between 1,000 and 2,000 m.a.s.l, warm below 1,000 m.a.s.l) and depending on the time of the year is more or less rainy It is necessary to bring sun protection, wide-brimmed hats and boots as well as raincoats.

6. Will I be out of place if I travel alone?

Of course not. Many of our customers travel alone and soon find friends among the people in the group. After all, these people have common interests as the love for nature, horses and the spirit of adventure. Also there is the possibility of hiring a private ride and share the experience on an exclusive basis with your family or friends.

7. What are the ages of the participants?

Our rides are suitable for people between 12 and 70 years.

65 years or older must present medical certificate.

8. Can children participate?

Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their father, mother or tutor during all the ride.

If the child does not participate with his two parents, must submit an authorization validated before a notary public of the parent who is absent.

If coming in the company of a tutor, must bring authorization from both parents, recognizing the risks involving activities and assuming them with total responsibility and taking charge of any type of accident, damage or eventuality that could occur.

9. About the overweight:

Maximum Weight admitted of the riders: 85 kg.

10. How is the accommodation during the ride?

During the expedition accommodation is in rural hotels, simple but comfortable, clean and with good food available. Accommodation is normally on a double basis, single accommodation is normally available for a small extra charge.

11. The night

At night participants gather to share a drink and discuss the day’s adventures. After a rich dinner comes the time to rest for the next day.

12. Meals:

Breakfasts include eggs, bread, «arepas» (kind of corn cake) coffee, tea, chocolate, milk and fruit or juices of tropical fruits, in which Colombia has a wide variety and availability throughout the year (Pineapple, Papaya, Melon, Soursop, Feijoa. Mango, Grapefruit, Passion fruit, Lulo, etc).

For lunch we carry Sandwiches, accompanied by potato chips, various drinks (soda, beer, water) and brownies or cookies for dessert.

For dinner depending on the place it is possible to have at least two menu options normally including beef or chicken with potatoes, salad and fruit.

13. If I am a vegetarian or have a special diet?

If you are a vegetarian, simply let us know to prepare meals without meat. For other special diets please let us know before.

14 Comfort during the ride

During the day we go mostly through unpopulated places without the possibility of finding a bathroom. At night we stay at cottages without luxury but with the essential amenities.

15. Bathrooms or toilets during the ride

Actually there are no bathrooms throughout the tour. We recommend the use of wet wipes, which are then recycled in bags for subsequent transfer. There is intimacy because the fields are spacious and you can walk to get to be alone.

16 Preparation of the load

It is not necessary to bring backpacks or bags. We recommend not to carry a backpack or elements pendants that can be uncomfortable along the ride. It is important to bring a bag to leave with clean clothes for the return.

Luggage will be carried in the support 4×4 vehicle (1 bag per person)

Each rider will be provided with a saddlebag to carry personal equipment such as sunglasses, sunscreen, water, gloves, items of personal hygiene, etc.. The bag is placed in the rear part of the back of the horse.

17. Documentation

Documento Nacional de Identidad (D.N.I), o Cédula de Identidad.
Pasaporte validado si es extranjero.
Autorización ante notario público de los padres en caso de ser menor de edad. Prueba de seguro de Salud y Accidentes vigente.

Required Equipment

What is the proper equipment I should bring?

• Helmet
• Raincoat.
• Riding boots or chaps are recommended.
• Breeches. If you want to wear jeans or similar we recommen to use long underwear to avoid bruises.
• Gloves to avoid sunburn and bruises.

Personal equipment:
• Particular medications.
• Insect repellent.
• Sunglasses.
• Sunblock factor (30 minimum, desirable 50).
• Elements for personal hygiene (medium towel, soap, toothbrush, wet wipes, etc.).
• Eyedrops (for people sensitive or allergic to the dust), moisturizer, lip balm, creams to heal bruising.