A Caballo por Colombia

Cada travesía una pieza única, enriquecida con la experiencia y el conocimiento de las zonas y comunidades con las que operamos.

Nuestro propósito, promover gente auténtica, ofreciendo la más profunda experiencia ecuestre de naturaleza y cultural a nuestros viajeros.

Acerca de A Caballo por Colombia

Beautiful horseback vacations, following the same roads used by the Conquistadores, settlers, and later the patriots who proclaimed our Independence.

These roads, many of them made of cobble stones using indigenous labor and mules, are called «caminos reales» (royal roads).

They lead to the most emblematic architectural jewels – a legacy of the Spanish colonization in Colombia – such as VILLA DE LEYVA in the Province of Boyacá (central Colombia), and BARICHARA in the Province of Santander (Eastern Colombia).

These routes allow the visitor to appreciate not only some of the most beautiful landscape in the Colombian Andes, but also the kindness of its people and the beauty of many small villages which remain frozen in time, with their pretty churches and buildings made of stone, adobe and clay roof tiles.

A Caballo por Colombia, has as its main purpose to promote authentic people, sharing with visitors from the world, the unique experience that has meant traveling the bridle paths of Colombia for years, in rides with family and friends along routes practically unknown to tourism, with landscapes of exceptional beauty and exuberance, populated by authentic, friendly and hard-working people who represent the good roots of the human capital of our country.

Our rides allow the guests to have an amazing view of a deep Colombia. They are designed for adventure riders who want an authentic experience, not for tourists looking for a show.


A CABALLO POR COLOMBIA (ACPC), is an Equestrian Tourism project for the market of High Level Adventure Riders worldwide, committed to economic, environmental and social sustainability, consequently in this document the actions, procedures and policies tending to achieve this purpose.


From homes in villages that prepare traditional foods for lunch during our rides, to the non riding activities partners, we choose to work with people that are oriented to develop their communities and environments in a sustainable way: In Santander the Paso Fino Colombiano interactive show, the Cotton workshop experience, Historical talks, Eco City Tours, Bee´ s experience, Ant´ s experience, Coffee experience, Rafting, Waterfalls experiences. In llanos Hato experiences, Artisanal Tack shops. In Villa de Leyva Wool fabrics experiences, Ceramics experiences, Carranga music experience.


In addition to the normal care of our animals, we do other things trying to help their well being:

When our horses get old, we retire them, they die with us. Unfortunately many horse owners, when they face this situation, sell their horses not knowing what their destination will be (or pretending not to know).

We love dogs and we try to have as many as we can, always adopted from the kennels around.


We try hard and encourage our partners, to reduce the use of single use plastic elements, e.g. we supply riders with rigid (reusable) plastic bottles for water that we refill when necessary from big bins of purified water.

We collect horse manure when we transit through towns. In addition to avoid organic waste in the streets, it is a sign of respect for the community.

You will be also part of our new program «La Vereda más limpia» a contest that encourages children from the rural areas to do a better solid waste mangement.


After the first hazardous journey through the Tao territory in the lands of Santander, we fell in love with those lands and decided to start a reforestation project that had been maturing for some time. After three years of visiting on horseback practically the entire province, we found the ideal terrain near the municipality of Oiba, planting 40,000 trees of the Eucaliptus Grandis species on lands that had been deforested to give way to inefficient livestock operations. The plantation is now fully established and has been an important source of employment in the area.

Up to 2022, with this project, we have captured 6.066 tons of CO2 (audited and certified), what makes our activities as a group, by far, CO2 negative.



a) ACPC is committed to complying with the regulations of the activity, particularly the ones contained in the current Tourism Law Act (Ley 2068 de 2020) and its Sustainable Tourism Policy.

ACPC will report irregularities in compliance with current legislation to the competent authorities, especially those that violate cultural and natural heritage, as well as social integrity.

b) ACPC is committed to preventing the illegal trafficking of flora and fauna species and demands the same commitment from its suppliers and commercial allies.

c) ACPC is committed to preventing the illicit traffic of cultural property, and demands this same commitment from its suppliers and commercial allies.

d) ACPC is committed to preventing trade and sexual exploitation with minors, and reporting cases according to current legislation and requires this same commitment from its business partners and suppliers.

e) ACPC continuously advances actions and strategies aimed at maintaining and improving its management in the field of sustainability, headed by its Sustainability Committee.

f) ACPC is committed to the social development of the areas where it operates and consequently hires for the development of its activities primarily personnel from these regions with a remuneration higher than that of the market without any discrimination for reasons of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

g) ACPC is committed to complying with current legislation and in this sense demands this same commitment from its employees, allies and suppliers, verifying the suitability and legality of the companies or persons that hires.


Asegurar una experiencia de aventura real, controlando los riesgos inherentes a ella, es una de nuestras principales preocupaciones, desde la seguridad física de los participantes, pasando por la confiabilidad de los alimentos y por supuesto en lo referente a la bioseguridad. Para mitigar los riesgos implícitos en la actividad, capacitamos a los guías de manera permanente y damos a los participantes indicaciones clave sobre la seguridad antes de las travesías.

Seguridad Física

Hacemos revisión de las rutas pocos días antes de la realización de las travesías para confirmar las adecuadas condiciones de seguridad y estado de las vías y usamos elementos de comunicación (radios de 2 vías y rastreador satelital) para mantener contacto permanente con el vehículo de soporte, compañía de asistencia y autoridades.

Seguridad en los alimentos

Trabajamos con aliados conscientes de la importancia de la higiene en los procesos y la calidad de las materias primas usadas y nuestro equipo verifica previamente el cumplimiento de estas condiciones en todos los sitios donde hay consumo de alimentos durante la actividad.


Cumplimos con todos los protocolos de bioseguridad definidos en los estándares internacionales y por el gobierno nacional para minimizar el riesgo de contagio por COVID 19 tales como el uso de elementos de protección, distanciamiento, lavado frecuente de manos, uso de desinfectantes y gel antibacterial, capacitación al personal de apoyo y verificación del cumplimiento de los protocolos y buenas prácticas por parte de nuestros aliados.

Conoce a nuestro equipo

Más de 30 años participando en cabalgatas de varios días, con más de 3.500 km recorridos en diferentes travesías por el país (documentadas).
15 años organizando competencias de Enduro Ecuestre y Travesías a caballo por los departamentos de Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Casanare, Santander, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda y Quindío.


Director de A Caballo por Colombia y Tour Leader (Inglés – Español)

María Lucía

Guide (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish). Riding before walking. Competitive Endurance rider since 2.005; Young Riders National Champion in the 120 km category – 2016´s Colombian Endurance Championship. Participating in several days rides in Colombia and Argentina since 2004


Marketing Manager


Guía – Preparador


Guía – Primeros Auxilios


Logistics – First Aid (Spanish)